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Características del e-Learning 2.0

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Pereira Coutinho y Batista Bottentuit Jr. (2010) resumen así las características de e-Learning 2.0:


The focus is in the contents  Silva et al., 2008
It allows independent creation, editing and publishing of contents created by the user  Karrer, 2006
The online exchange and sharing of information with the teacher and fellow students makes the course easier and simpler  Garrido, 2008
The production of micro-contents that are not exclusive to designers, teachers, instructors or, most importantly, to trainees  Leene, 2006
The contents produced by teaching professionals and non professionals can be searched and shared with the whole community  O´Hear, 2006
Network effects due to a participation based architecture  Silva et al., 2008

Trainees can select and aggregate the contents to better adapt to their interests and needs helping to create and manage their own Personal Learning Environment, which Atwell believes, will be the future of e-Learning

Graham Attwell, 2007
The use of social software favours the integration of people and groups, easing communication and promoting collaborative working in the network  Rosen, 2006
The features of online communities diminish the artificiality due to the restrictions imposed by “discussions” in the traditional LMS; it allows for the creation of the true spirit of practice communities (Wenger,), since the discussion and sharing is opened up to all those with access to the Internet, and to those who share the same interests  Downes, 2006
In terms of format, the e-Learning 2.0 courses must be short but sophisticated in terms of design and versatility

Rosen, 2006 

Adaptive learning is created, which enables students to select their modular contents and to customize their learner-centric learning environments  Martínez, 2004, 2007


¿Estamos de acuerdo con todo?


¿Qué otras características se podrían añadir?



Fecha publicación: 13.1.2012



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A mí me ha parecido interesante lo que comentan SILVA et al., 2008:

The focus is in the contents 

¿Es realmente así en las clases de lenguas extranjeras? ¿No seguimos prestando "demasiada" atención a la "forma", o mejor dicho a la "corrección de la forma"?

Por otro lado, creo que a las características se les podría añadir la palabra clave "autonomía".

¿Qué opináis?

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