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The project was focused on the analysis of one of the vulnerable groups analyzed in INCLUD-ED, i.e. migrant students. Conexito extends in the analysis of the experiences identified in Spain by INCLUD ...

The present Report 3 “Educational practices in Europe: Overcoming or reproducing social exclusion?” presents an analysis of results from 20 Case Studies of effective educational centres ...

Includ-Ed. Strengthen education to build social cohesion | European Commission

Europeans are rising to meet the challenge of overcoming inequalities and of promoting social cohesion, but existing educational differences are not making this easy. EU-funded researchers are invest ...

The bases of the Critical Communicative Methodology - Strategies for inclusion and social cohesion in Europe from Education

The analysis of educational strategies that contribute to social cohesion and educational strategies that lead to social exclusion requires the inclusion of the maximum diversity of voices (i.e. all ...

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