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ah! I finally made it to this one. Had a busy afternoon till now, but now it's webinar time. Today's LSG webinar is by Jane Hart, one of the world’s leading experts in social and collaborative learning. In today's webinar she's promised to examine three platforms explin what they can and cannot offer. I'm kinda interested in what could be a low-cost Ning replacement. I've also got a blogpost planned on this topic - keep your eyes peeled if my blog interests you. This is my third time with Jane - she's amazing and she's especially nice to me online so I'll do my extra bit to record her webinar properly. She blogs at http://janeknight.typepad.com, btw and if you aren't following her already, please start following her @c4lpt. She's the best source of wisdom about social learning, IMO. So take it away Jane - give us all you've got.

Fecha publicación: 15.1.2013

The original license is kept.



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