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Del 10 al 13 de Julio del 2013 en la Universidad escocesa de Glasgow tendrá lugar el cuarto congreso de WorldCALL.


Se centrará la atención en los siguientes temas:

  • The use of ubiquitous technologies, such as the mobile phone, mp3 players, iPads etc., to provide flexibility and    access to language learning opportunities
  • Development and design of applications with a view to use in the longer term
  • Learner autonomy and CALL
  • Motivation, guidance and accountability in language learning without the teacher present
  • Discussion of CALL that reaches beyond the hype and the latest gadget to encompass longer term priorities and  goals
  • The use of social networking technologies by language teachers and learners to share expertise, knowledge an   information both nationally and internationally
  • The development of innovative teaching/learning materials that are unrestrictive and open to all
  • Sustaining innovation through collaborations across institutions, both nationally and internationally
  • Building and sustaining online communities of language learners/teachers
  • Working collaboratively to adapt and disseminate innovations so that they can be used beyond the origina  development environment, the early adopter or the lone operator
  • Developing theoretical frameworks, models, principles and guidelines for the development of CALL innovations with   a view to the longer term
  • Developing 3-year, or 5-year plans to the match the needs and priorities of particular languages, groups and/or regions, with a view to sustainability
  • The development of network-based materials that have sustainable maintenance and support
  • The viability of open source as a pathway to sustainability



Fecha publicación: 21.11.2012

Se respeta la licencia original del recurso.



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