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About this resource...

Sitio web del proyecto ´2020 Forecast: Creating the Future of Learning`promovido por The KnowledgeWorks Foundation. Su objetivo es explorar un conjunto de dimensiones que en su opinión están transformando nuestro mundo y cómo podemos moldear el futuro del aprendizaje para adaptarnos a estos cambios.

En su página web definen así el proyecto:

 "Over the next decade, the most vibrant innovations in education will take place outside traditional institutions. This 2020 Forecast: Creating the Future of Learning presents a critical dilemma facing these institutions: how to reconcile bottom-up developments in education with the traditional top-down hierarchy that is currently in place. Such peripheral innovation will redefine how learning is organized, who comprises the broad “school community,” and what the actual experiences of learners will be like in the future. The validity and role of formal institutions of education will be challenged by key forces of change and will be reconsidered by an expanding group of stakeholders. Together, the pressures of change and new stakeholder demands will create a new future for learning.

Each of us can take action today to create this future. As the KnowledgeWorks Foundation 2020 Forecast reveals, many of our fundamental relationships – with ourselves, within our organizations, and with systems, societies, and economies – are being re-imagined and recreated.

This website will help you explore how these different dimensions of our world are changing and how we can shape the future of learning. KnowledgeWorks' Institute for Creative Collaboration can help you explore further and apply the 2020 Forecast to your context through strategic learning experiences."

Fecha publicación: 16.9.2010

The original license is kept.



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